Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Part of the Family

Hi from Colorado! The weather is beautiful here...much better than hot, humid Houston. Sage is having fun too...Ok, so she's not really here. But, I'm really missing her right now and know she would be having a blast if she were here. There is tons of cold water for her to jump in, deer for her to chase, and beautiful countryside for her to run and play.

Now for the most exciting news of all!

Sage is going to have a Dad! Well, John has already been her Dad, just now it's going to be official! We are so excited and wish that Sage was with us. But for now, Photoshop will just have to do.

Meet Photoshop Sage

So, this summer I get to do some really awesome things! However, Sage is stuck at home in Houston. My awesome parents are adopting summer Sage so that I can enjoy some really great trips to Colorado, Hawaii, California, and Wyoming. I really wish I could bring Sage along on my summer adventures, but I don't think she'd be up for those really long car trips. So, I thought of a really great way to include her.

Meet Photoshop Sage. She is pretty amazing. Here are some photos of photoshop Sage's favorite activities.

Mountain climbing.

Mudding and rock crawling.

Sunday church in Portugal.

and blue marlin fishing.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Photoshop Sage. Stay tuned for her next big adventure.

Meanwhile, this is what real Sage is most likely up to!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Backyard Summer

Well I've been holding out and waiting for some quality blogging material, but it has yet to come! I wanted to be able to relay a funny story about something horrible Sage did and I'm surprised to say that it's been a fairly relaxing and un-extraordinary summer so far. However, as I began to contemplate this, it occurred to me that is a good thing! So instead of recounting some exciting story, I'll just fill you in as to what has been going on...

As is custom in my family, spending quality time sitting on the driveway to hang with the dogs is pretty much a requirement (much to my Mom's dismay).  Sage enjoys being the center of attention and usually pulls up a chair of her own...

...she is happiest when hers is the one closest to mine.

Duck watching is the sport of choice for the dogs most of the day.

Meet Hank and Willie. My little sister got these two for Easter and they now live in the backyard. They're really cute, but I fear they get tormented by Sage and Izzy all day long.

And now for the biggest news...

The baby pool that I bought last summer now has a hole in it! Sage was very upset and as I tried to console her, she told me that the only way to make her feel better was to get her a new one.

I was disappointed that Academy didn't have the shell pools, but I think Sage likes this one alright!

That's all for now! I hope to have more exciting news next time!

Friday, June 4, 2010

While We Were Away...

So, now as I have almost recovered from the traumatic experience of taking the MCAT, I can fully recount the moments leading up to that much dreaded day. Well, Sage's moments anyway...

Poor Sage took the lack of attention pretty hard. As you can see from the photo above, Sage was all torn up about it too. I had two weeks from the day of my last final to the day I was signed up to take the MCAT.  For the first week I felt like all I did was study, while Sage lounged in the backyard with her friends.  I could tell she was feeling a little left out, so I tried my hardest to woo her with toys of all shapes and sizes. That worked pretty well until the toy had to be confiscated due to a safety hazard.

After about a week of studying, I was sick of it! Yes, I know...it had only been one full week, but I had already been studying for finals for a couple of weeks. So, I decided I'd go on a little trip to the Gulf for some new scenery and less distractions. I also figured Sage and I could play some for my study breaks!

Sage and I loaded up the car and headed for the beach! Even though she is great in the car, Sage was anxious to get there, as usual. However, once we got there, we both really enjoyed our time hanging outside and taking periodic breaks to walk on the beach or throw the tennis ball. I was happy that I was in a place where Sage could just run free and explore. Despite a little run in with a Longhorn steer, Sage had a blast.

We swam a little bit, studied some, and played a lot! It was the perfect place to escape from the realities laying ahead and prepare for the MCAT without feeling any pressure. But when the second week finally came to a close, I knew it was time to head back to Houston and face the looming darkness.

When May 27 arrived, I was ready...but mostly ready for it to be over. And 5.5 hours later it was!

Sage and I just got home from a walk around the neighborhood with my Dad and we're pretty tired.  So this is where we'll say goodnight! Can't wait to share more summer adventures soon.