Thursday, June 10, 2010

Backyard Summer

Well I've been holding out and waiting for some quality blogging material, but it has yet to come! I wanted to be able to relay a funny story about something horrible Sage did and I'm surprised to say that it's been a fairly relaxing and un-extraordinary summer so far. However, as I began to contemplate this, it occurred to me that is a good thing! So instead of recounting some exciting story, I'll just fill you in as to what has been going on...

As is custom in my family, spending quality time sitting on the driveway to hang with the dogs is pretty much a requirement (much to my Mom's dismay).  Sage enjoys being the center of attention and usually pulls up a chair of her own...

...she is happiest when hers is the one closest to mine.

Duck watching is the sport of choice for the dogs most of the day.

Meet Hank and Willie. My little sister got these two for Easter and they now live in the backyard. They're really cute, but I fear they get tormented by Sage and Izzy all day long.

And now for the biggest news...

The baby pool that I bought last summer now has a hole in it! Sage was very upset and as I tried to console her, she told me that the only way to make her feel better was to get her a new one.

I was disappointed that Academy didn't have the shell pools, but I think Sage likes this one alright!

That's all for now! I hope to have more exciting news next time!


  1. Nice pool. I noticed the ducks have her backup pool in their new digs. Good of her to share.

  2. How nice to see this update!

    I think Sage looks khwite happy with that pool!


  3. Sitting in the driveway? Are you waving at the cars that go driving by? :)

  4. I'm scared of those chairs....

    But I like to be close to my Mum too!

    Nice quacks