Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Daily Adventures of Sage and Erin: The Book

Well, we have almost hit the 1 year anniversary of The Daily Adventures of Sage and Erin blog. I started writing posts last January as an English project for one of my classes. The semester came and went but the Sage blog has continued...Thank you so much for reading and following us on our adventures (special thanks to JackDaddy and Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom for your continued comments and support for our blog).

For Christmas, my sweet fiancé printed my blog and created a neat book so that we would remember my blogging year and my crazy dog adventures. A couple of days ago, it arrived on the doorstep. It is hardback, 90 pages long, and complete with a table of contents. It was neat for me to flip through the pages last night and remember the stories I've written.

I found myself laughing out loud at the Water Dog post as it took me back to that day at the park. I got a little teary eyed as I read Happy Birthday Sage all about our first year together. In one post I wrote, "I hope that it doesn't take a birthday, holiday, or special event to let the people we love know how important they are to us; that they've stolen our heart and we'll never be the same again. Because in the end, that's what matters. So thank you Sage, for reminding me of what's really important in life." 

This is not just a blog to me. It's a place where I can come to look deep inside and try to put into words this journey called life. When I chose to write about Sage for my English project, I thought it would be filled with some good pictures and some funny stories (although I often find myself laughing out loud when recounting these stories). However, this blog has become so much more than that.

This blog is a story. It's not highly edited nor completely professional. It's raw and real. It tells of a girl who thought she was ready for a dog, but was completely and pleasantly surprised when she realized what she had gotten herself into.

You see, I didn't realize that having a dog was all that difficult. And for some, it isn't. There are so many dog owners that leave their pets in the backyard and rarely interact with them except for the occasional, required trip to the vet. For those people, their dog is just another thing you're supposed to have when you grow up. Well, this wasn't the case for me. After I met Sage, everything changed.

This blog is all about that change. To see how this all started, I invite you to start at the beginning.

Meet Sage.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Procrastinating Time Again!

So the majority of the people reading this blog will say, once they see this post pop up in their email, "TYPICAL Erin!" The reason is, well, it's finals time once again in Aggieland! But this time around, it's different. Why, you ask? Well, because this is the LAST round of finals of my college career! After Tuesday (assuming I pass all my finals) I will be a college grad! (Please excuse all the "!")

So, because I am procrastinating, I will take my time in recounting our Thanksgiving weekend. Actually, for me, it was quite uneventful. I spent some time with family, ate some turkey, and worked on my 20 page paper that was due the week after. But Sage, she had a FANTASTIC weekend. She woke up early, retrieved some ducks, played with her Frisbee, did some fishing, played with her tennis ball, chased some ducks, explored the beach, and then repeated this cycle for 3 days! 

I didn't get to accompany John and my cousin on the morning hunting trips, but all John could do was rave about how well Sage did in the duck blind. As she has gotten a little older, she is MUCH more well behaved and patient waiting for the birds to come. She pays attention well (except for the last morning of the trip). John said she was so tired on the last day that she was sleeping ON HER BACK, with all 4 paws in the air while waiting for some ducks to come!

Sage also had fun fishing. She has never really expressed any interest in watching people fish, but Thanksgiving was different...I think it's because there were lots and lots of fish being reeled in!

Since Thanksgiving, Sage has been staying in Houston as I prepare for finals. It's been real quiet around here and I'm not sure I like it! I hear no barking as people walk by the house, I hear no snoring while Sage sleeps soundly in her bed, and feel no wet slobbery tennis balls in my lap as I try to read a textbook! I can't wait for finals to be over so I can be done with college, but mostly I want to be reunited with my little Sage. Life is pretty uneventful without her close by and it's not nearly as fun coming home without being greeted at the door by an overly excited Sage with a teddy bear, tennis ball and stuffed duck held tightly in her mouth.