Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet Sage

This is Sage. Well actually this was Sage, when she was 7 and a half weeks old. This was before she chewed up things, before she had accidents on the carpet, before she cost me thousands of dollars, and before she was my best friend. Don't get me wrong, I loved Sage when she was this age on Day 1. But she was only a puppy and I knew nothing about her, let alone what she would cost me (physically, emotionally, and monetarily) over the next year. I was like most dog owners: caught up in the excitement of a new puppy and utterly unaware of what was to come. I bought Sage for $150 on the side of the road in Magnolia, Texas. Yes, I am aware of puppy mills and the problems that arise because of them. However, I gave the lady the benefit of the doubt, blatantly disregarded all advise from my family, friends, and boyfriend, and shelled out $150 for this little bundle of dog. Originally, the lady wanted $400 for Sage, but using my cunning business skills, and the fact that I only had $150 anyway, I talked her down to $150. The money I saved on the purchase was quickly spent on all the necessary dog supplies: outdoor toys, indoor toys, and toys of all shapes, sizes, and colors (even though dogs are color blind). Oh and then there is dog food, dog bowls, collar, leash, kennel, dog bed, vet bills, etc., etc., etc. Little did I know I surpassed my spending budget for the month before I had even brought Sage home! Well that was March...and now it's January. So, meet Sage. She is almost 1 year old. She weighs 75 lbs and she is my best friend.


  1. What a cute little dog you have. I want the royalties if this turns into a book.

  2. you forgot to put that she is the starting left tackle for the La Salle football team...

  3. cute, erin! i will soon be your #1 follower, you just watch..

  4. i keep checking for more posts...hurry!!

  5. Sage and Koda would be best friends...or maybe just long lost sisters like me and you!!
    -Becky Rusk aka Beks

  6. Erin,
    James shared your link and I share your love of labs! Sage reminds me of my family's 2 labs at home in Virginia Beach. So cute- great blog!