Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Morning!

One thing about dogs that you should know prior to bringing one home is that they wake up early! If you are a college student, this could be somewhat problematic. Sage, as it turns out, is no exception and typically wakes up at 7:15 every morning. Now, some of you may be thinking to yourself, "that's not early," but let me assure you, IT IS! Even if it's not early on Monday-Friday, it's definitely early on Saturday and Sunday. But Sage doesn't just wake up at this time, she has an entire morning routine. At 7:15, I can expect to feel the bed move a little bit as Sage stands by my bed and lays her head directly in front of my face. Typically when she does this I am dead asleep. But as I feel her warm breath on my face, I am jolted out of my glorious slumber, which usually causes me to pull the covers over my head as I turn over. Sage then goes around the foot of the bed to the other side and puts her wet nose directly in front of me again, but this time adding a pitiful little whine. Sometimes she gets frustrated with me and jumps up on my bed and playfully tries to lick my face. She usually succeeds because your reflexes are substantially slower when you are partially asleep. Once I am awake enough to pull myself out of bed, Sage expects me to take her outside to go to the bathroom. She then has to check the perimeter of the backyard twice for critters (raccoons, opossums, and stray cats). Then I bring her inside and feed her breakfast, actually, I should say Sage comes inside, sits by her dog bowl until I put food in it. Then, I once again take her outside for a little longer bathroom break, if you know what I mean. This almost concludes Sage's morning routine, but not completely. We round off the 7 o'clock hour by throwing the tennis ball at the park. My Dad is always telling me that the best time of the day to spend time with your dog is in the morning when they wake up. I don't know if that is the best time, but I know Sage enjoys it. It is nice to start off the day hanging out with my girl, Sage!

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  1. Jack does the 7 - 7:30 get up or I'll whine thing as well. Sleeping late is a fond memory! :)