Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Sage!

This time last year, February 4th had no special meaning to me; it was just another day. This time last year I was only responsible for myself and I could pick up and go out of town with little thought at all. But little did I know, my life was about to change. One year ago today my Sage was born. As I scanned the pictures from the past year, I realized how a parent must feel as their baby girl grows up. I found myself saying things my mom says when we look through the baby books. I smiled when I remembered all the "firsts" I got to experience with Sage this year. Her first trip home with me, first toy, first duck hunt, first trip to the beach, first ride in the boat, first Halloween costume, first college house, first baby pool, first leap off the dock, and her first birthday! There are many more memories that I hold dear from our first year together. I remember laying by her kennel at night when she was a puppy until she fell asleep, crying while putting her in the car after her first surgery, missing her when I was out of town, and swelling with pride when she brought back her first duck. Sage has taught me so much about unconditional love, responsibility, loyalty, and selflessness. When I decided to get Sage I wanted her for all the wrong reasons. But now, I have her for all the right ones. I look forward to all years in the future Sage and I get to experience together. So, Happy first Birthday, Sagey. I love you so very much.
Click here to view Sage's birthday card from the vet!


  1. Happy Birthday Sagey!!! Rita and Izzy miss you and would love to steal that bone!

  2. Happy Bday from Woody and Chico! Aquarians are awssome!