Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

So my sweet mom and sister sent me a Valentine's package in the mail this week with a yummy recipe, 2 cards, and a very soft teddy bear! Sage has had her eye on that teddy bear ever since I pulled it out of the box. She thinks that every stuffed animal is hers to carry around, tear apart, and find the squeaky. I tried to tell her that this is "Erin's bear, and not Sage's toy!" But she doesn't seem to believe that this soft, fluffy, snuggly bear has no squeaky! As I continued on with my afternoon, I noticed that Sage wasn't following me around the house as she normally does. So, I peaked into my room and saw Sage with her chin resting on the edge of my bed staring at the bear with an unbreakable concentration. This is the same intense concentration as when Sage sneaks upstairs at my parent's house to stare at Ginger, the cat. As I watched from the door way, I noticed Sage was quietly whining and pacing back and forth in front of the bed. Sage knows she is not allowed on the bed, but eventually it became too hard for her to contain herself. She jumped up on her back legs and rested her chest on the end of my bed inches from the bear, but without trying to steal it. She just stared at it face to face. Then, all the sudden, she grabbed the bear by the foot and took off, running through the house, almost taking me out as she ran through the door way. I quickly found her and took the bear and hid it under the covers in my bed. "Not Sage's toy." Next time my mom needs to send Sage a valentine too.

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  1. Come on Ron, did you not get Sagey a Valentine's Day present? Get with it!