Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sage's Birthday: The Real Story

On the days leading up to Sage's birthday, my mind was racing with all these great ideas for Sage's first birthday blog post. So I went to the Dollar General and purchased some party hats, dog toys, a birthday crown (see picture) and the biggest red bow I could find. Then I went to PetSmart and found a HUGE rawhide bone for only $11.50! I had this grand vision of the most over-the-top dog birthday set-up ever where I would poke fun at how ridiculous I was for having a birthday party for my dog. So when I sat down in front of my computer armed with some great pictures and a master plan, I got off to a good start by posting pretty hilarious pictures of Sage with her party hat on her head holding that ginormous (yes, that's actually a word) bone with the red bow. However, as I started writing, I was hit with an unexpected tenderness and emotion. As I compiled the pictures from the past year, I was filled with happiness and joy for all that Sage has brought. So, I had originally planned on making people laugh, but ended up making myself cry, but it was the good kind of cry. The kind of cry that lets you know someone stole your heart, and whether it's a human or dog, it's a pretty cool thing to have happen. So as I end this post and get back to studying for the incredibly stressful week I have coming up, I'd like to leave you with something to "chew on." I hope that it doesn't take a birthday, holiday, or special event to let the people we love know how important they are to us; that they've stolen our heart and we'll never be the same again. Because in the end, that's what matters. So thank you Sage, for reminding me of what's really important in life.


  1. Sweet bike in the background. Blue is a pretty color.

  2. ohhh-i like that!!!
    good job e