Friday, February 12, 2010

Sage, It's Snowing!

So this week was a LONG week for me and Sage. I spent the majority of everyday in my sweet red and white stripped long johns and slippers studying for my organic chemistry quiz and test and my anatomy quiz and test. Sage, on the other hand, spend the majority of her days this week sleeping, chewing on her bone (yes, the same one from her birthday last week), killing her toys to find the squeaky, and more sleeping. There has been a lot of cold and a lot of rain all week. My week finally ended last night at 7:00 with my anatomy test. As I came out of the building, it seemed like there was something crunchy on the pavement. I didn't realize it then (because I wasn't thinking clearly from the hours and hours of studying) that it was ice accumulating on the ground! When I finally walked in the door at my house, I was greeted by the energetic Sage who hadn't had a walk in two days. As I normally do when I get home, I walked to the back door to let Sage out but she had disappeared. So I opened the back door and noticed the backyard was covered in a thin blanket of snow. I was so excited so I yelled, "Sage, it's snowing!" Immediately, Sage came tearing around the corner and flew out the back door. Once her paws hit the deck, she slid completely across and off the other side. I could tell she was so confused. She slowly climbed back on the deck and was checking out the snow trying to figure out what it was. Then, she went wild eating as much of it as she could! As she was walking the perimeter of the fence, I made a pile with my shoe in an attempt to make a small snowman. I made a medium size snowball and called Sage over to check it out. Upon hearing her name, she wildly started running toward the deck going full speed, picks up the snowball in her mouth and runs inside holding her prize. "Sageeeeee noooooooo," is what I yelled as Sage crunched down the ball of snow spreading it all over the living room carpet! Needless to say, we had a fun time with the snow yesterday. And I was reminded, again, that Sage really needs her walks.

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