Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Long Photoshop Sage!

Ok, so on a lighter note...I'd like to send off my trusty travel companion, Photoshop Sage. Photoshop Sage has been all over the country this summer. She visited the beautiful Colorado mountains, the white beaches in Hawaii, many stops along the road from Houston to California, and the breathtaking Yellowstone National Park. We've seen Aspen groves, snow-covered mountains, abandon mining towns, volcanoes, big waves, black sand beaches, white sand beaches, petrified rocks, pink jeeps, the Grand Canyon, Pebble Beach, Elk, Grizzly Bears, Old Faithful, the Tetons, and Mammoth Hot Springs! We had such a great summer!

Thanks for following us this summer! Real Sage is back in action now and can't wait to be back on the blog soon.

Update: Sage and I moved into our new house yesterday! Sage was very excited to check out her new room and backyard complete with her toy basket and baby pool. Once the excitement subsided, I could tell she was a little upset to leave her good pal Izzy, the bloodhound at my parent's house. How did I know this...? Well, for about an hour she stood by the front door waiting to get back in the car and go HOME! However, I'm happy to say that we made it through the night and visited her favorite park this morning. You can always tell when you have a happy dog when you see her wagging her tail whilst squatting to pee!

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