Thursday, October 21, 2010

My High Maintenance Dog

One time I thought it would be interesting to see how much money I had spent on Sage since I got her.  So I went through my Bank of America bills and started crunching numbers.  I quickly realized that having a dog was expensive...and I immediately put the old bills away.  Almost from the moment I brought Sage home, she has been higher maintenance than the normal family dog.

The funny thing is, I started writing this post last spring but never posted it, thinking I'd just jinx myself, but now it's time to revisit this topic. Yesterday, Sage and I had another expensive trip to the vet. You know, one thing about the vet is that they are so good at getting you to purchase all kinds of special "remedies" to alleviate all kinds of secondary ailments. I came home with some ear cleaner, joint supplements, and fish oil tablets. But anyways, the point is, my dog is high maintenance.

Since the day of her arrival into my life Sage has suffered from puppy dermatitis, seasonal allergies, food allergies, a luxating patella, one hot spot, multiple bouts of dry skin, a benign tumor that showed up and went away within a couple of weeks, and most recently, an ear infection. Now it's perfectly normal for dogs to have different kinds of problems throughout their lifetime, however, Sage is still under the age of 2. I'm thinking we're going to have quite the journey ahead of us.

But let's be honest, we love our pets and would do anything for them...even if they are high maintenance!


  1. Great to see Sage again. Even if she is wearing the cone of shame.

  2. Ahh, the cone of shame. Even with that attire, she is still a beauty and well worth every penny. It's good to see Sage again.

  3. This is one reason I bought pet insurance when I got Jack. I've had some horrible vet bills too - I think it just comes with the territory :)

  4. Erin: "I took Sage to the vet today."

    Me: "Oh no! Why?"

    Erin: "Her ears have been bothering her... She told me".

  5. Have you thought about changing vet? It sounds to me like they are coming up with ways to make you part with more and more money - i mean, food allergies? really, dogs only eat a limited diet anyway.