Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sage's Bizarre Colorado Injuries

Don't you hate those people that are lucky all the time? You know...the people that get pulled over by a cop and drive away with a warning or the people that always get the front row parking place. 

Well, lets just say I always get tickets and whenever there is a front row parking place, some idiot usually takes it...even if my blinker is on and I'm clearly about to pull in!

So it should come to no surprise that I end up with the most injury prone dog that has ever walked the planet. If you know Sage, you know she is notorious for getting rare and random (and expensive) dog ailments. I probably should have known this trip to Colorado was bound to have a bizarre injury or two...


What is that in Sage's eyebrow and tail you might ask? Oh you know, it's just a couple of porcupine quills.

Sage just happened to find a dead porcupine carcass in the middle of a random field and decided it would be a really good idea to roll around in it! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to pull those suckers out! Those quills get in there pretty deep.

So after a few pictures and a good laugh, I was happy to have Sage's random and rare injury out of the way so I could enjoy the rest of the trip. Unfortunately, I was oh so wrong! 

Sage had a little run-in with a very protective mommy deer. She was taking a little potty break when she spotted a deer walking across a field. She automatically took off fully expecting the deer to run away and challenge her in a little game of chase. Well, mommy deer with infant babies don't actually run away. Instead, they hold their ground and proceed to charge at full speed towards the enemy. As Sage ran for her life, I watched this entire thing unfold from a safe distance with my camera at hand thinking this would be good blog material. However, the iPhone turned into my weapon of choice when the deer started to pound Sage into the ground with her hoofs. I frantically ran towards my yelping dog and nailed the deer in the butt with my phone. As I got to Sage, I could see she was horrified and in shock. She was panting hard and smelled weird. As my husband loaded her in the car, we figured out that the smell was from Sage peeing on herself out of fear.

This is my sweet Sage, after a really cold bath with Colorado water, and her nice "harry potter" style scar from the deer's hoofs. 

Poor Sagey. Colorado was a dangerous place. (Notice the scar on her side in the picture above.)


  1. That porcupine is lucky it already met its demise or it may have been sent to RIP land by Sage like RIP nutria and RIP gopher.

  2. Just the thought of that porcupine scares me! I've had to pull a cactus needle off of Jack and the porcupine looks just as bad!

  3. OUCH!

    We have a pal in Whitehorse YT -

    She hates those nasty khreatures fur all they've done to her pakhk!