Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yes, hello! Sage and I apologize it has been so long since we've posted...but as you will see, there has been a lot going on. Here's the scoop!

February 4, 2011: Sage turns 2! Happy Birthday Sagey!

February 21, 2011: These little munchkins arrive at my parents house...

February 22-24, 2011: I accidentally fell in love with the munchkins. Can you blame me??

February 25, 2011: Munchkins leave for their new foster home. I may have cried a little. (There will be more about the puppies soon...)

March 10, 2011: Sage is dropped off for her Spring Break vacation! I definitely cried.

March 12, 2011: I married the man of my dreams!

March 14-21, 2011: New husband takes me to paradise for a week honeymoon!

March 15, 2011- I get my Sagey back!

March 16-present, 2011: Settling into our new home with our new family...all 5 of us!