Sunday, February 20, 2011

We Run, We Play, We Catch Things...

So lately I've been having a hard time getting this crazy dog tired! Just the other day I went to the park and ran 3 miles. I took Sage along thinking she would surely be exhausted after a mile or two. We passed many runners dragging their dogs along behind them, willing them to make it another mile! But, I was the one being dragged as Sage seemed unfazed by the distance or the pace.

Thus, I've been trying to be creative as to how to run down some of this pent-up energy. I even took Sage on a run/walk as I rode the bike along side her. However, I've found the best way to get Sage tired is simply a good old fashion Frisbee game...

 I've mentioned the ChunkIt Frisbee before on a previous blog post, but it's worth mentioning it again because Sage LOVES it.

 She can play for hours...

 Between throws, Sage very politely brings the Frisbee back and drops it at my feet.

 But most of the time, she very politely drops it ON my feet. Apparently thinks that's more effective in communicating to me that she is NOT done playing yet.

When she drops it at her feet, that means she needs to take a "breather." Trust me, these are few and far between, and when they do occur...they don't last very long.

 Sorry, time to go...I think Sage is ready to play some more! Frisbee and paw on my foot means business!


  1. Take her to the PetSmart hotel where she can play with dogs all day. That should wear her out! :)

  2. Woo khan bring her here!

    I'll wear her out!