Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Play day

 It's always fun to go home and visit my family for the weekend.  I get to enjoy some home cooked meals, free laundry, and my dog gets to play with Izzy.  Izzy is my dad's bloodhound. According to him, she is "radiant."

 Izzy and Sage love to play together.

Apparently the pool was "base" because Sage seemed to think she was safe there...

 But once she left the safe haven of the baby pool, anything was fair game...

Sage loves her Chunk It...this is her second one in two weeks. She better make this one last because they definitely aren't cheap.

 Sage loves to see how many different toys she can fit in her mouth and carry around. She is easily able to hold both her Chunk It and tennis ball. I think she is also trying to guard them from toy stealers...(Izzy!)

You know Sage has had a good work out when she goes to lay in the pool after every couple of throws...

Notice the slobber slowly blowing in the wind...

But after all that playing, Sage still wasn't ready to stop. So we played and played and played... 

...while Izzy slept soundly nearby!


  1. Terry is going to like this one...a lot

  2. That looks like my Frisbees - except the holes are all on the outside.

  3. I noticed the slobber straightaway!

    Thanks fur sharing these great pikhs!


  4. Now that looked like fun! Do they make those chunks for little dogs? that thing would slide right down to our feets!

    Riley and Star.

  5. Hi Sage!I saw you on Jacks Blog and thought you were a beauty! Looks like you had fun in your pool and with Izzy!