Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bath Time

Since Sage is an inside dog, I try to give her a bath often.  My little Sage has allergies, which is not as uncommon as you may think, and the vet told me that regular bathing is very beneficial to dogs with airborne allergies. So, Sage gets a bath almost every week.

I haven’t really decided if she hates it or not. Sometimes she seems to enjoy it, while other times I think she is going to jump clear over the fence in the backyard and escape. But either way, she is used to it. She knows exactly what is about to happen when I walk outside with a bottle of shampoo and a towel.

Recently she has even started to play this game where she pretends not to notice I’ve come outside and goes about her backyard patrolling. I call her name and she ignores me. I walk over to her and she is un-phased. It isn’t until I grab her collar that she looks at me as if to say, “Oh hi Mom, have you been out here the whole time?” We then go through the normal routine of shampoo, rinse, medicated conditioner, rinse, towel off, and then she tears around the backyard like a wild crazy animal (which seems to be her favorite part). I then have to wash her feet off again before she comes inside. Then my favorite part of the bath comes into play…snuggle time. It seems that after a bath, Sage always wants to snuggle. I usually sit on the carpet in the living room and Sage trots over with a toy in her mouth. She then makes a couple of circles around me and lies down in my lap. If I don’t immediately start petting her, she rolls over on her back and paws at me with her front paws. After we play a little bit, Sage usually falls asleep with her head in my lap while I do homework. Bath time doesn’t seem so bad to me…


  1. Jack usually rolls around in the yard right after his bath. So it's a no-win situation :)

  2. I like bath time and snuggle time.

  3. umm speaking of allergies--sage makes me wheeze-she needs to be an outside dog.....