Friday, April 16, 2010

Sage the Exterminator

We're being invaded! It seems that every time I try to come in or out of the door to my house, those darn Mosquito hawks are waiting to sneak inside. It doesn't matter what time of the day either...the Mosquito Hawks are everywhere. Luckily, I have a secret weapon. As it turns out, Sage is a master at catching little critters. Moths, June bugs...and yes, even Mosquito hawks are unable to escape her death grip. We have the catching process down to an art, it's beautiful actually. After one of those stealthy critters gets inside, I quickly spot it. I call Sage over in hushed tones so as not to spook the prey we're stalking. "Sage, Sage! Over here." Sage responds like a pro and comes quickly to my side. After she marks the creature I'm pointing to, she waits. Sage is very patient and will watch and follow that thing all over the house until it comes within reach. Eventually, the critter makes a fatal error by flying too low. Instantly the patient Sage jumps up and with one quick snap of her jaws devours the annoying insect. Like I's beautiful! I guess this is one way to exterminate. Happy hunting everyone!


  1. Happy hunting indeed. Sage uses her black stealth powers wonderfully. I imagine they don't even see her coming.

  2. We used to have those all over, but I think Jack has scared them away! :)

  3. sage does not have permission to exterminate willie and hank....

  4. Mom's pretty sure I'll be stung by a bumblebug this year - I'm furry insekht oriented!

    Way to go Sage!


  5. Insects!

    I can't believe your braveness! I am not fond of those fuzzybuzz things!

    Blaugh!!!!! Good work on your exterminations!