Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sage's Toy Graveyard

When Sage was a puppy, I was thrilled when she expressed interest in her toys.  I had so much fun going to the pet store and picking out squeaky toys that looked like animals.  It made me laugh seeing her walking around with stuffed porcupines, ducks, butterflies, pelicans, skunks, and even squirrels!  Sage loves her toys! You could almost say that she loves them to death...

Because of the speed at which Sage is able to skin, gut, and extract the squeaky...I have been forced to work on my sewing skills and I'm proud to say that I've gotten pretty proficient.  However, as school work has piled up, so have Sage's dead toys.

Finally, as Sage's toy basket supply became dreadfully low, I decided it was time to pull out the needle and thread.

While I performed surgery after surgery, Sage was nearby pacing back and forth eager to reunite with her favorite toys.  Here are some before pictures.  Beware, they're a bit graphic...

Some toys needed only minor patching...

...but there were some that were beyond repair!

It was difficult being the one making all the tough choices, but we got through it.

And now her toy basket is overflowing!

The only problem is...she's at it again.


  1. it's kinda like trying to keep your house clean-it never ends!! love,mom

  2. Awww how cute. Parker does NOT destroy any of his toys, but most dogs do. Your a good Mom to put those toys back together!

  3. If you're still in a sewing mood - I've got plenty of stuff I can send you :)

  4. You should put this talent on your med apps for previous experience.

  5. I hear Khousin Merdie used to be khwite rough on her toys with EYES the furst to go!


    I've yet to destroy something wrong with me?


  6. Yesh, we ♥ to pull out the squeakies, too. When we was little we loved to pull the guts out of our stuffies and then we would bite their eyes off and then rip their noses off and, well, the tails - YUM!

  7. Oh no! Keep those stuffies together, ok pal?
    I haven't ripped mine apart yet...but might start explorin' the inners!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. OMGosh! What have you done to all those poor stuffies? That's so sad, Riley is bawling his eyes out!

    Try to be a little more gentle, o.k.?


  9. lol, this post made us chuckle, that could be our house. When it was just Holly toys lasted for ages but Zac is more of a destroyer. So we have many toys needing surgery here too...hehe

    Have a great weekend, sorry it took us a while to visit you back. :)