Monday, November 28, 2011

Lazy Day

Thank you for all your sweet words about Sage and her recovery!  She is feeling much better!  I made her take it easy today while my Mom and I worked on some Christmas decorations.

The day started early around 5:30 AM when I heard Sage whining downstairs and when Sage is injured, I go into full action mode. I jumped out of bed and hustled down the stairs to make sure everything was OK. Sage, sporting her cone of shame, let me know not so subtlety that she was VERY hungry (and that the cone of shame needed to come off...immediately).  Since I'm a push-over, I'm letting Sage go cone free when under my direct supervision.

Typically after her morning meal and potty break, Sage is feeling good. However, this morning she still seemed a little bummed.

So, being the good Dog Mom that I am, I took it on myself to help lift her spirits. A quick trip to Petco was all it took...

In addition to some new toys with functioning squeakies, I picked up a new little treat...

Yes, yes I know...frozen yogurt for dogs; I must be crazy! Well, to be honest, I got it purely for some good blogging material. Although I told Sage it was because she was so good (don't tell)!

Needless to say, it was a BIG hit! I got a pack of four so Sage will be indulging in some banana & peanut butter frozen yogurt for another few days.

Anything to lift her spirits, right?!

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