Monday, December 5, 2011

On The Road To Recovery & Boredom

Well, it hasn't been the easiest task trying to keep Sage from pulling out her stitches, but I'm happy to report that the healing process has been a success so far! This morning I took out her stitches, and everything is looking good! Maybe later we'll go on a little walk.

This past week felt SO long. Sage was inside most of the day, which means I was also home most of the day. As you may remember, Sage has a little incontinence problem so I normally don't leave her inside for more than 3 hours at a time.

Side note: She is usually on medicine for this problem, but I haven't given her those meds since last Sunday. After her minor surgery to get all stitched up, the vet told me to hold off on her dinner. Since you're supposed to give Proin with food, I also decided to hold off on that too. Additionally, I have read about some scary side-effects from Proin so I figured this would be a good time to see if her problem had somehow resolved itself. She has been "accident free" for 8 days! Let's hope she can be off of Proin for good! 

So, Sage and I had a pretty uneventful week. However we did manage to keep ourselves occupied with some stylish modeling shots. 

And I also fooled around on photoshop quite a bit...

 Finally the weekend rolled around and my sweet husband helped us decorate the house for Christmas!

We also took some fun photos at the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm where we cut down our first Christmas tree as a married couple!

I also thought the Christmas dog that lives by the front door needed some dog booties to keep her feet warm. Sage said it was ok to borrow hers.

It's starting to feel like Christmas!


  1. I wonder if Jack would let me use him as a Christmas tree this year!

    On second thought, the vet bill from removing the lights that he ate may outweigh not having a tree! :)

  2. Sage is such a good model. She looks like she could hold that pose with the Santa hat and red shoes forever.

  3. Erin (and Sage!) - I've got a blog award for you ladies... Claim it here: :)