Saturday, January 28, 2012


I guess I should just cut to the chase.

The reason it's been awhile since my last post is...well...just look for yourself...

Stitches. Again.
 I didn't want our very next post to be about another injury!

Waiting for our sweet puppy at the emergency vet at 1AM!
 Unfortunately,  Sage got stitches a few weeks after our last post...We were playing frisbee and she ran into some scrap metal that someone carelessly through over their back fence. An expensive trip to the emergency vet left her with some stitches, antibiotics, and pain pills. A week later, they were ready to come out!

What a look!

Don't worry, I'm not done...
Notice the NEW shaved patch on Sage's leg along with the OLD shaved patch...
Last week John took Sage and his two dogs on a walk. The next morning when we woke up, Sage was limping. We checked her out and noticed her right forearm (right below the elbow) was pretty swollen. OBVIOUSLY it was a Sunday so we visited our friends at the emergency vet clinic. The vet seemed to think that Sage was suffering from a dog bite.

She went home with some pain pills and antibiotics. 

The next couple of days her leg got more and more swollen. I took her to our normal family vet and they thought it might actually be a snake bite! Here is the short story: I freaked out, vet prescribed Benadryl, swelling went down, abscess in leg bursts, we went back to vet, vet said it was dog bite (not snake bite), we got more antibiotics.

 Now, two days later Sage is confined to her crate because it seems that the abscess in her leg is getting bigger even while on antibiotics. The plan is to watch her and see if the spot on her leg continues to expand. If it does, we will go pay some money to our friends at the emergency vet clinic. I'm hoping that it will subside on its own...

So there. Sage has already had a pretty eventful 2012, what about you?? 

However, I will end my post with some fun pictures of Sage that I took between emergency vet visits...

playing with christmas presents

Sage throwing the frisbee to herself

Get better soon sweet girl!


  1. Poor sweet baby! I hope that she feels better very soon!

  2. Sage is such a good dog. I hope she is playing frisbee again soon.