Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poppin' Pills

It was a beautiful day in Texas this morning, but instead of enjoying the cool weather by going on a walk with Sage as we normally would, we instead made a trip to the Animal Emergency Clinic. The swelling in her leg seemed to be spreading and didn't look much better this morning, so I decided to take her in. I would rather be safe than sorry for sure...especially when it comes to Sage.

As we walked in the front door of the AEC, we were welcomed by some familiar faces. Sage is a bit of a celebrity there because of our frequent visits. The vet on call happened to be the same one who had seen us last Sunday. I was relieved because he just had that nature about know those times when you meet someone and just immediately trust them? Ya, he is like that. He recommended that we put a drain tube in to relieve the pressure and allow the wound to continually drain.

A couple of hours later, Sagey was ready to come home. The vet prescribed another antibiotic to take in conjunction with the one she had been on as well as another pain medication. She is now on two different antibiotics and two different pain medications.

Sage spent the day hangin' out with John just resting (and draining). The good thing is that she is in good spirits and seems to be feeling better...I think the pain meds are working!

 I'm confident that these meds are going to kick in and heal this nasty infection right up! The drain tube will be in for 3-4 days and the stitches will come out in 10-14. And unfortunately, the cone of shame will be around for 10 days as well, however I think she's used to it.

Sage's (FAT) vet bill folder
So here we are...3 sets of stitches, 2 dog bites, and 1 dirty piece of scrap metal all in 3 months. Is that some sort of a record? 

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