Thursday, May 24, 2012

Milk Mustaches & Nicknames

Why hello old friends! Do you remember us? I apologize for our lack of's been crazy around here! But no worries, I'm back and will try my hardest to stop by and write some funny stuff every once and a while. Fyi I decided I needed to include a picture of both of us since it's been so long since I've posted (and you have probably forgotten what we look like)! As you can see from the picture, I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt...and we live in Houston...and it's this picture is about as old as my last post! Yikes!


One of my favorite things about Sage (which I've amazingly never blogged about) is the "milk mustache" she gets from her tennis ball.

Let me explain...

Sage loves playing with her tennis ball! (I mean, LOVES playing with her tennis ball!) When the tennis ball is out, that's all she cares about. She's truly one track minded.

So, once we start playing she'll go non-stop over and over and over until she needs a "break." Sometimes she'll look like she's running directly back to me and the all the sudden take a sharp turn and jump right into the stream of water that runs along our walking trail. Then, after a couple of minutes, she'll trot back to me like nothing happened. Other times, she does this...

She'll hold the tennis ball between her paws and stick her butt in the air and bite that tennis ball with her front teeth over and over, while it makes a foamy squeaking sound. It's really very strange. However, after she does this...the "milk mustache" appears...and it's my favorite.

Pretty awesome, right?! I think the reason I've never blogged about this before is that it's incredibly hard to get a picture of it! For one, who wants to get this close to a slobbery, dripping tongue (fyi all this slobber you see dripping off Sage's tongue was landing directly on my leg). Secondly, she's always ready to get back to playing after she's properly "rested." So here it is everybody...Sage's milk mustache at it's finest!

Another one of my favorite things about Sage is how she answers to every one of her nicknames. The last time I counted, there were approximately 10. I think I'll start implementing them into my posts.

Ok, that's all for now! I think I might get myself a glass of milk...

Cute little Sagey...


  1. YOU'RE BACK!!!! So wonderful! Sage is looking beautiful by the way, just like her mama (although you aren't black or furry). And that's it, I'm moving to Houston so we can hang out! Okay, well I'm not moving, but maybe I'll get there for a visit someday! So glad you're blogging again!

  2. This is great! Same thing happens to Desmond. When he plays ball at the dog park, he gets his face all covered in sand, as that's the floor covering they use there. Cracks me up. :-)

    Welcome back!