Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

So my new favorite Atmar family tradition is getting baby ducks from the local feed store on Easter weekend. No, I'm not talking about toy ducks (like the one pictured above), but real freshly hatched baby ducks! This tradition started last year with two ducks named Hank and Willie. Now, my parents would have NEVER done anything like this when I was a kid, but since my little sister (age 12) is the baby of the family (and not to mention the 3rd child) anything goes I guess!

Hank & Willie
Hank and Willie quickly became the family favorites as we watched them grow, change and mature into adult Mallard ducks. So when the time came for Hank and Willie to be released, there was a sadness that settled over us all. However, plans were instantly made for new Easter ducks the next year. And well, here we are...Meet Bimba, Lola, Donald and Daffy (yes there are 4 this year!).

They're pretty cute and cuddly...but also pretty messy!

For fear of the blog becoming a duck blog, I arranged a meeting between the newly acquired ducks and Sage. I'd say it went pretty well...

Besides Sage trying to see what they tasted like, of course.

My Dad mentioned how confusing Sage must be since sometimes she's told to "be sweet" to ducks while other times she's retrieving dead ducks, and all the time, playing with her MANY duck toys of all shapes and sizes (and sounds)!

Speaking of toy ducks...the one that greeted you at the beginning of this post was my Easter present to Sage. Notice I said "was." Unfortunately, Puddles didn't make it.  

I will spare you all the horrible details, but let's just say Puddles will be paying a visit to Sage's toy graveyard.

Well, all in all we had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating family and an empty tomb! We hope you did too!

"Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!" -Revelation 5:12


  1. Yes, I'm sure Sage is very confused about how ducks fit into her life....the babies are adorable! Peep, peep!

  2. Poor Puddles! So far the only toy that has lasted for more than five minutes is Blue Elephant...

  3. Maybe Sage can learn some duck tactic from her new friends and use them against the enemy.