Saturday, May 7, 2011

Well, I Guess We Can Check Modeling Off The List...

So the other day, I took Sage and her brother Hawk on a walk. (No this post will not be in the form of a poem...) It was a beautiful morning and I just let Sage walk herself as I normally do! Sage is NOT the kind of dog that just trots calmly beside you as you leisurely stroll along the walking trail. Quite the contrary! I would say Sage runs 6x as far as I walk on any given "walk." This works great for me and it frees me up to take my camera along in case there are any strange happenings along the way.

Well, near the end of the walk Sage disappeared for a moment which may seem a little strange...however this is what our walk usually looks like...can you spot Sage?

So, this was not unusual, however when I whistled and called her name I didn't hear any rustling in the grass or splashing of water indicating that she was near and this was very unusual. I managed to stay pretty calm and finally Sage emerged from the tall grass. As she came closer I noticed that her tongue was completely red with blood!

(Now you see why I always...or almost always...have a camera handy!) When Sage was close enough to me to see her face, I noticed that there were two pretty deep cuts on the outside of her snout. One was a circular puncture wound while the other was a half-circle slice that went almost all the way through her lip. Both were pretty deep.

Once we got home I cleaned both wounds with betadine and caked on the neosporin. Both were tough tasks since Sage thought I was cleaning her ears (the one grooming procedure where she is totally uncooperative) and since the cuts are in tongue-reach!

Later that day I took Sage to the vet to make sure no stitches were needed, and although stitches would have helped close the wound, Sage's snout, as well as her whiskers, would have needed to be shaved. The vet told me the choice was mine and that if I chose not to go with the stitches, Sage would probably have some "cosmetic defects." Unfortunately for Sage's modeling career, I declined.

After a week, the half-circle slice healed up very nicely and is barely visible. However, as you can see, the puncture wound is giving us some trouble...but her hair is growing back so I'll be interested to see if her battle wound sticks around.

That's all for now!! Oh ya, and I still have no idea how she sliced up her face!?

(preview for Sage's next blog post...shadow dog!)

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