Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Sage...and Satan's Apprentice

The neosporin is back...but this time it's worse!! Sage spent the weekend in and out of the Animal Emergency Clinic after a run-in with Satan's Apprentice.

It all happened Friday night, when a ferocious beast came out of the devil's lair and bit Sage on the back leg and on the front arm. (Yes, dogs have 2 arms and 2 legs...not 4 legs.) What kind of beast would do such a thing to Sage? Well, the criminal has been apprehended!

It's none other than my dad's bloodhound Izzy!!

Here's what really happened...

I brought Sage over to my parents house for a play date on Friday. Everything was going well until *someone (that person will remain anonymous) came outside holding a cracker. For a normal dog, this would be nothing that would cause alarm, however, Izzy is food aggressive (a problem that should be addressed immediately). When that *someone came outside, Izzy went crazy and attacked Sage!

When I got back to the house, that *someone told me about the accident and I checked Sage for bite marks, however I found none and Sage seemed in good spirits. However, later that evening I found blood on a towel where Sage was resting. I found a small hole on her knee cap and I quickly poured some rubbing alcohol on it to kill any bacteria that could cause infection.

After that everything seemed fine...Sage was happy and everything seemed fine. Until the next morning when Sage didn't want to get out of bed. Everything she tried to do seemed impossible. It was hard to get up and it was hard to walk! Sage was NOT herself. She was lethargic and depressed.  Not to mention that her leg was pretty swollen.

So this leads us to our first trip to the emergency room...where Sage got some steroids, antibiotics, and a sweet hair cut.

I watched her very closely and made sure she got her meds every 8 hours (which meant setting my alarm for 1 am)...and sleeping close-by...

In the morning, Sage was a completely different dog! She was no longer sluggish or depressed. I could tell she was feeling a lot better, however, the swelling was significantly worse.

Sage was on bed rest for the remainder of the day while I watched her progress closely.

By the end of the day (yesterday) I still had not seen a decrease in swelling, but more of an increase. So we made our trek to the emergency room again to make sure everything was ok.

The vet suggested that they should either put a drain in the wound to make sure *everything (I will try and spare you from all the yucky details) came out OR I could try and get *everything to drain myself. I decided to give it a try to spare Sage from anesthesia and a minor surgery. We've been doing warm compresses three times a day and *everything has been draining nicely!

Sage is doing great and feeling lots better! We will keep you posed on her progress!

Poor Sage!


  1. Poor Sage. Sweet haircut. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon.

  2. Poor Sage. What an experience. It's a good thing she had Nurse Erin at her side. Sage is such a sweet dog, how sad that she had to go through all this. Do you love that I know she's a sweetheart, even though I've never met her? That's how good your blog is.

  3. Beautiful Bloodhound you got there. You should show her.

  4. Yes, that IS a beautiful Bloodhound. I hear they are food aggressive, however, EVERYBODY should know that and feed them away from other dogs.

  5. I have never seen such a beautiful dog (that Bloodhound).

  6. Honey, that's what canines do in the wild. They have to protect food and territory.

    Boy, that is a beautiful Bloodhound.

  7. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that but I'm glad you found the wound before it got worse!!

  8. Yikes! That's a bad wound! Poor Sagey! I love her and that i hope she feels better quick! *Someone needs to be more careful... *someone forgot that sage was out there-i love them both!

    -Sagey's Aunt Marie

  9. I'm so glad that Sage is on the mend!! I have to say that I laughed when reading all of the comments from "Anonymous" (would "Anonymous" be the same person as the owner of Izzy?!)