Monday, May 30, 2011

We're Under Construction!

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend and thinking about our US troops here and overseas! Photoshop Sage (welcome back!) really enjoyed thanking our troops and military dogs in person, as well as showing off her Ray Ban shades (which she thought looked so much cooler than offense)!

It's been HOT here in Texas recently so Sage has been spending lots of time indoors. She finished her antibiotics this week and all the swelling in her leg is finally gone (thank goodness)! She went on her first walk since the Izzy bite on Saturday and had a blast!

Speaking of hot and outside...I've been on the market for an outdoor dog bed for quite some time for Sage because she is weird about where she lays down while she is outside. Usually when she's out, I lay a towel down for her to sleep on, which she gratefully uses. Well, I pulled the trigger and purchased a Coolaroo dog bed, and Sage loves it! It's off the ground, provides good airflow underneath that is supposed to keep your dog cool, and it was perfect when Sage was injured since she was having a hard time getting up! If you're in the market for one, I recommend it (no, I'm not a spokesperson for Coolaroo dog beds)!

Ok, finally what you've been waiting for...what in the world is under construction?!

Well, the old dog house in the backyard was on it's last leg so plans were drawn up for new and improved living quarters for our canine family members. And well, things quickly got out of hand...

We figured an insulated and air conditioned dog house was the only way to go.

My husband has been working hard all weekend trying to finish, and it is definitely coming along! I'm very impressed at his mad building skills. Now, from this picture above you might be under the impression that Sage has been a loyal and encouraging helper throughout this whole process...but you couldn't be more wrong! As John was doing this...

Sage was doing this...

...and I...well, I have been listening to Brad Paisley's new album (again, I'm not a paid spokesperson) and messing around on my newly downloaded photography editing program...(can't you tell...?)

So the moral of this story husband is a stud and Sage and I are not! 

I'll keep you posted on the dog house construction...I think he'll finish this evening!