Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeling Good!

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thanks for checking in on my sweet Sagey! Here is what's been going on since our last post...

Once her drain tube stopped draining, I bailed her out of the pantry jail and let her have the run of the downstairs again. She also got some supervised time without her cone of shame!

Don't be fooled by her lack of enthusiasm in this photo...

She assured me that napping was MUCH more comfortable without the cone.

Unfortunately I do have to share some sad news...Today, we had a fatality.

Sage's beloved cone of shame is no longer with us.

Sage said she had nothing to do with it...she looks so innocent doesn't she? The cause of death is still unknown, but I think it might have something to do with the frequent run-ins with the various walls throughout the house, the couch, our front and back doors, as well as the fence in the backyard.

Here's another exciting update: Sage's drain tube has been removed!

I loaded Sage up in the car an hour ago and we went to see our friends at the Animal Emergency Clinic. When we got there, Sage was showered with loving pats and kisses while they quickly took out her drain tube!

So far so good! Keep up the good work Sagey! (And thanks for helping me with my post tonight!)


  1. oh sagey!! looking forward to having you hang out on friday with me!! we will try to stay out of trouble-so glad you are better!! :)

  2. We look forward to reading about fun filled days of frolicking in the parks and water soon. Enough with the getting hurt stuff.