Monday, July 5, 2010

Road Trip Status: Amarillo

Hello readers, Larkin here! I will be filling in for Erin tonight as we have had a long and tiring day! Today was a fun day on the road complete with a few bizarre, yet intriguing sights. Oh, and did I mention Sage came along with us? The first stop we made was at the Cowboy Church, which Sage took a particular liking to. It must have been something about the 2-dimensional state that she shares with the cowboy and his horse that made her feel right at home!

After visiting the Cowboy Church, we all took cat naps (or should I say dog naps?) and ate a nice chicken dinner before heading out to our next destination: Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX.

Erin and I had fun spray painting the cars and practicing our modeling poses while Sage stood atop a car and watched the people below.

We are now back at the hotel scrubbing the paint from our hands and preparing for tomorrow's trip to Santa Fe. I wonder what Sage will get herself into in New Mexico!