Saturday, July 10, 2010

Road Trip Status: Sedona, AZ

Well everyone, we finally made it to Arizona! After spending a couple of days in Santa Fe, it was time to move on to another state. The drive through New Mexico was full of beautiful red rock formations! However, as we made our way through Arizona we discovered that Arizona had red rocks too. A lot of 'em! After crossing the state line, it was time for another picture. We wanted to try a hand stand picture after the success of our "jump" picture at the New Mexico-Texas state line, but I was a little nervous about Sage's ability to do one...but, one again, Sage proved me wrong! She even one up-ed me with a one-handed hand stand!

She also utilized the "Pet Exercise Area" to stretch her legs a little bit before getting in the car once again.

We made another stop at the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona to see what it had to offer. We all thought it was pretty neat. There were some really great views from the park's highest point where you could see for 120 miles all the way to Flagstaff! This picture of all three of us on top of the sign was pretty difficult to capture. I came away with some pretty nasty scratches...

After spending the night in Flagstaff, we left this morning for a quick one hour drive to Sedona. We were greeted by the 109 degree heat once we arrived! Our favorite part of the day was the Pink Jeep Tour through the beautiful sandstone.

There were some awesome views on the Broken Arrow tour. Sage could see for miles.

Sage even got a little adventurous and decided to show off her climbing skills. As she reenacted the scene from the Lion King, I snapped this picture. Don't worry, she was very careful!

We are headed to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Stay tuned, there are be more great adventures ahead!

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  1. What fun!

    It was almost THAT hot here this week!

    Of khourse, we had that furry lovely humidity that made it just that much more special!

    I khan't wait to see the next adventure!