Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Road Trip Status: Santa Fe

Well, we've made it to New Mexico! Tonight is our second night in Santa Fe and it has been delightful. The weather has been so nice that we even wore long sleeves this morning! As we were driving into town, we saw a BIG sign for the Sage Inn. I thought it was so fun that there was something with Sage's name on it, that I just had to take a picture. I figured it was pretty rare. However as we walked around the town square, I began to notice something interesting...

Sage was everywhere! I thought it was so great that everyone in Santa Fe had been reading my blog and decided to dedicate their business to my Sage! However, after asking around I found out that it wasn't MY Sage that the shops and galleries were named after, it was a plant. Sage, the plant, happens to be pretty popular in these parts. However, I will choose to go on thinking that it is my Sage that inspires the popular name in Santa Fe.

I also thought I'd end this post with a dedication. San Retriever de Labrador, Patron Saint of Tennis Balls.

Off to Flagstaff tomorrow. Stay tuned


  1. Super Sage flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

  2. I love the Patron Saint. However, there must be one showing the ball all torn up to be realistic :)

  3. best post yet!! love it!! mom

  4. Oh I love the Patron Saint sign!