Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Trip Status & Final Destination: Carmel, California.

Well everyone, we made it to Carmel! Actually, we got here on Sunday night but I needed a few days to recover before recounting our arrival. So now that I'm fully recovered, here we go...

It has been so nice here and we've all been enjoying the cool temperatures and beautiful scenery. Yesterday we went on a "hike" in Big Sur to see a waterfall. The reason I'm reluctant to call it a hike is because it was approximately a quarter of a mile and very easy, however it was in a book called, "Day Hikes Around Big Sur." So you can see why I'm confused...

Once we arrived at the trail head, we were disappointed to see a sign indicating that dogs were not allowed on the trail.

However, after much deliberation, we decided that the sign wasn't saying that all dogs were banned from the trail...only the dog depicted in the sign. So, after a close inspection of the sign, we determined that Sage looked nothing like the depicted dog. I'm still not sure why the trail doesn't allow these particular dogs on the trail, but I am glad that Sage was able to enjoy the trail with us because the view from the trail was pretty spectacular. 

Later that afternoon, Larkin and I went by my favorite store in all of Carmel...Diggidy Dog. OK, well maybe it's not my FAVORITE store, but it's pretty cute. The reason I really enjoy it so much is because they have the cutest dog collars I have ever seen. And since Sage is so stylish, I enjoy picking her out new, fun collars for the next year.

Here are the two I settled on after spending much too long browsing all the wonderfully colorful choices.

 I think they're pretty cute!

For those of you wondering, these collars are from Up Country and are not Sage's first. My little sister, Marie, got Sage her first Up Country dog collar for Christmas this year and it's held up pretty well!

My other purchase was this fun sticker. I have seen them around and think they are super cute.

That's all for now! "Wag More, Bark Less!"


  1. first of all-i want that sticker!! i have seen it before and now that's mine erin-thank you for getting it for me!
    and next-that is too funny-of course sage is not "that kind of dog"!! loved it! love,mom

  2. What a pawesome interpretation of the sign!

    Great khollars too!


  3. OOOOOO, I love Carmel.

    Especially on ice cream! :)