Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tin Foil the Sage

So the other day, after an entire afternoon of studying, I decided that I desperately needed some warm chocolate chip cookies to boost my spirits. I got out the package of cookie dough and found my cookie sheet. Instead of using my non stick cookie pan liner, I decided to try tin foil so I wouldn't have to wash it. Well, after I lined the cookie sheet with tin foil, I began to worry that the tin foil would stick to the bottom of my delicious cookies! So, after much debate, I decided to go with my nonstick cookie sheet liner instead.

So what do I do with this extra sheet of foil...? The moment I looked up from the piece of foil I was holding in my hand, Sage raised her head and our eyes met. "Come here Sagey..." I said in the sweetest, most innocent voice I could muster up. Wearily she got up from her warm spot on the carpet and came over to me. I took the piece of foil and wrapped it around the middle of her tail. Sage must have been wondering what in the world I was thinking, but she just stood there while I secured the foreign material around her tail. Much to my surprise, she didn't seem that bothered by it, just confused. She began to walk around the house with her tail sticking straight up, holding it as still as possible. Every once and a while she would turn around and just look at it. (Meanwhile, I was laughing uncontrollably...)

So then I decided to outfit her other extremities with foil (typical procrastinating behavior). I got four other pieces of foil and wrapped them around her front and back legs. This time Sage stood statue still. Finally she made a little circle around the kitchen. When she walked she picked up every paw carefully, raising it about 5 inches higher off the ground than normal. (If you have ever put booties on your dog, you know what this looks like.) I was on the floor laughing...she looked like she was preparing to go to space!

I then, knocked on my roommates door in order to share this joyous occasion with somebody else! "I'm sleeping," is the response I got from the other side of the door. I open the door and Sage busted in with the tin foil crunching loudly as she made a circle around the room. "Erin, you're so weird," is the response I got for all my creativity! After some pictures I freed Sage from her tin foil bondage.

Then I gave her a bone for putting up with such a weird Mom!


  1. Nice. I hope you got an A on your test.

  2. Sage you are a very calm doggy! We would have chewed that silver stuff up so fast and then bark at mommy!

    Very creative though, we luuuuv arts and crafts!

    Riley and Star.

  3. this is hilarious... and slightly abusive.