Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sage's Favorite Things

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Sage in person, here are some conversation starters if you ever get the opportunity. Ok, you can't really have a conversation with Sage, but here they are anyway (if you're like me and DO have conversations with Sage). These are some of Sage’s Favorite things…you can read this list out loud or sing it to the tune of “The Sound of Music” (not really, but I was singing it while writing this). Ok, here they no particular order.

1. Nothing gets to Sage’s heart (or stomach) more quickly than rawhide bones. Bring one of these and you’ll be an instant hit.

2. Sage is a hunting dog. Although she doesn’t get to show off her ability as often as she would like, she is a natural.

3. If you can’t see the little tail sticking up from the middle of this massive, award-winning splash, it’s there and it belongs to Sage. Swimming is definitely one of Sage’s top 3 things to do.

4. Her tennis ball. Those words (and picture) speak for themselves. You can hardly catch Sage without a tennis ball in her mouth. She loves ‘em.

NOT the cone of shame.

Meet Hawk. When Sage was a puppy she lived with my boyfriend for a couple of months because I lived in an apartment. Hawk is one of John’s dogs. He put up with a lot from Sage when she was little (and still now). She would steal his toys, kiss his face, chew on his skin, and bother him ruthlessly. He is the sweetest boy and Sage loves him to pieces.

6. Sage loves digging. She’ll dig at the beach, in my backyard, in my dad’s backyard, and anywhere else with some soft, cool dirt. She tries to hide the fact that she loves to dig, but I have a sixth sense that tells me when she decides to get dirty.

7. It’s always fun to take Sage to the beach on a beautiful day. She gets to swim in the water, chase sand crabs, and go exploring all in one place.

8. Ever since Sage was little little she has loved her toys. She prefers stuffed animals with a squeaky inside, but any toy will do. If you come to visit Sage at her house, she will most likely greet you with a toy in mouth.

9. Sleeping. Sagey loves sleeping, especially with her old friend Rita. (Notice the ball close by...)

10. Last, but definitely not least, is me! I would say that I am one of Sage’s favorite things, not just because I am the one who feeds her, but also because I love her back. No matter how big of a mess she makes or how much money I have to spend on her behalf, I will always be her biggest fan….and I think she likes me ok too.


  1. Sage and I have a few things in common. Number 10 is definitely on my list of favorites.

  2. you need to add plastic water bottles to the list! and maybe tin-foil too...

  3. Sage is beautiful. The nose with dirt picture is wonderful. I love the look where she's thinking 'I haven't been digging in the dirt!!"

  4. I enjoyed my visit to your great doggie bloggie...You and Sage make a great team!

  5. Thanks for visiting Team 4 Dawg Flite's blog. Sage is an awesome dog and I guarantee you, she would make a great dock diver. If you want to email me and tell me where you live, I might be able to hook you up with a DockDogs club nearby. It really is an awesome sport that both dogs and humans just love and that will only bring you and your dog closer. Check out our team's website at Just click on any of the Contact Us links and those are emails to me. Hope to see you and Sage on the dock one day!

  6. Sage and I would be VERY good friends! but I'm not sure she would be as awesome as you. I'm on spring break now so LET'S CATCH UP SOON!!!!!!!! Love your photography!