Monday, March 1, 2010

Just a Sunday Walk in the Park

So after a long day of driving, Sage and I finally made it back to College Station. I drove. Sage slept. I had been in Houston taking some pictures of sweet baby Carney (hire me!!) and instantly got to editing them upon arriving home. See preview below.

But after about two hours of editing, my eyelids became heavy and my wrists started to ache and I decided it was time for a little break (all the while, Sage slept). So I woke up sleeping beauty and loaded her into the car armed with a couple of tennis balls and we headed to the park. It was almost 6 when we drove up, so I figured we wouldn't have much time before it got dark. It was a seemingly typical park visit as we made our way around the ponds, chased some ducks, and jumped on some people...I mean, Sage chased some ducks and jumped on some people! But as the sun went down, that seemingly typical park visit started to change into something not so typical...

As Sage and I crossed the street and came down the sidewalk overlooking the pond, my eyes got wide and my mouth fell open as I saw the painted sky reflected on the water. It was more than beautiful. I continued to walk towards the water and wondered if Sage knew how beautiful the sunset was. As I did, I looked up to see Sage standing by the water's edge looking across the water at the sky.

I think she knew.


  1. Sage, like her mother, has an eye for beauty.

  2. Ern, you are awesome. And these pics are really cool