Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Studying with Sage...Bad Idea!

Today was a beautiful day! As I was riding my bike to class I had a big smile on my face as I looked up at the clear blue sky. This was the first day I've worn shorts to class since last semester! However, I've been cooped up all day in the library as most of my professors are trying to cram in some last minute tests before Spring Break. Actually, I only have one last minute test, but it's a biggie. When I finally got home, I decided to take a book to the park across the street and get some reading done while Sage ran around a little bit. I found the perfect spot on a little hill overlooking the whole field and laid out my towel, took off my shoes, and cracked open my English book. Sage was not pleased. She picked up her tennis ball in her mouth and circled around me like a shark circling its prey. When I didn't acknowledge her, instead of carefully circling around me, she began to carelessly walk across my body and in the process landed on my head a couple of times. "Ok, Sage. Let me see your ball." She dropped it on the ground just far enough so it was out of my reach. With a groan I got off the towel and picked up the ball and threw it as far away as I could and then went back to my spot to continue reading. Obviously I didn't throw it far enough because 6 seconds later the shark was back. Each time, I attempted to ignore her longer and longer, but as I did Sage became more and more desperate for my attention. She tried circling, whining, jumping, and begging. I even got a slobbery ball smeared across my face a time or two. So, after I finished the very first page of the chapter I was supposed to read, I called it quits. I replaced the bookmark exactly where it was when I cracked it open and finally gave Sage my undivided attention. She was very pleased. My dad keeps telling me that Sage has me all figured out and until today I kept telling him he didn't know what he was talking about. He may have a point. So today I learned that studying with Sage is not a very good idea...unless of course you brought her a bone. That might buy you 15 uninterrupted minutes, max.

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