Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Adventures...Part 2

Well, Sage and I are back in College Station after finishing up our Spring Break on the Texas Gulf Coast. We had a blast hangin’ with the family and catching some rays. Sage spent the majority of her time working on her suntan. The weather was awesome. The first three days were perfect. The first day we drove down, Sage showed off her Frisbee skills in front of the whole family.

My little sister captured some pretty solid pictures of Sage in mid-air (upcoming photographer like her sister…hope so). Unfortunately the Frisbee didn’t last much longer after this picture was taken (may it rest in peace) because Sage slowly chewed a hole through the middle. It was pretty funny to see Sage trotting back with the Frisbee in her mouth with her bottom teeth sticking through the hole in the middle. The Frisbee took a turn for the worst when Sage delivered a fatal bite to the center, which caused it to sharply veer to the left whenever it was thrown. I guess that means I might need to invest in a new Frisbee! So after the death of the Frisbee, Sage needed another way to be entertained. Since everyone was getting tired of throwing the slobbery tennis ball, I went rummaging through the closets and found a tennis racket to use to hit the ball instead. Then, my little sister further modified the sport…

She found one of my mom’s socks to use as a slobber protector for her hand. Sage (as you can see in the picture) loved playing with Marie! We would play until Sage stopped bringing the ball back and instead took it with her to lay in the shade under the trees. That’s when we knew she was finally tired! Yesterday, we went to the beach. The water was not its usual green-brown color, but an aqua blue, which made me feel like I was in Mexico. It was beautiful.

The beach definitely didn’t stop Sage from doing what she does best…retrieving stuff. I brought her tennis ball, but I guess she didn’t like the carrying around the sand covered ball in her mouth so she opted for a good water logged stick instead.

After some good retrieving and digging, Sage was super tired and slept in my lap wrapped in a towel all the way home.

We rounded out the day with a good kayak ride across the canal.

Yes, I am wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt in this picture, and yes, I am soaking wet. Here is what happened. I had just gotten back from riding dirt bikes and Sage wanted to go swimming. Since it was a pretty low tide, Sage would have a hard time getting out of the water so I thought it would be a good idea to put a kayak in so she could use it to get out. Not thinking I would get wet, I decided to hop in and paddle around so Sage could swim a little bit. I definitely didn’t anticipate Sage wanting to paddle around with me. Needless to say, she did. I got in the water and immediately Sage wanted on. We almost flipped over as she tried desperately to climb on with me. But once I got her safely on board and sitting in my lap, she was fine. What a big baby! Unfortunately, Sage and I have to leave the beach tomorrow. This is been a great and much needed Spring Break and we’re not really ready to go back to school, but who is?

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  1. Sorry about the font size everyone! I couldn't figure out how to fix it!

  2. A wonderful week with Erin, Sage and motorcycles. What could be better?

  3. nice new background-looks red now not pink..umm maybe I need glasses...luv luv luv u e!!

  4. haha love you on the kayak with sage! you would... wish i was there!