Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Splashes of Color

It's been a weird semester weather-wise. One day it's 65 degrees and sunny and the next day it's 30 degrees and snowing! Don't get me wrong, Sage and I have enjoyed the snow, but we're ready for some color! It's a bummer when you look in your backyard and it's completely dirt, especially when I have to shove Sage in her pool before she comes in the house! But today, as Sage and I were at the park, I noticed something I didn't notice yesterday. As I walked across the field to my ideal sitting spot, I could see little flowers starting to bloom. I dropped my book and got down on my hands and knees to check out the flowers. Sage came tromping up behind and pushed me out of the way to see what I was looking at. After I pushed myself back on my knees, I saw the little flower sticking out from between her teeth! As, I tried to get over the fact that Sage had eaten the very first flower of Spring and that we were probably cursed for all eternity, I noticed that there were little splashes of color all over the field!

Sage and I were very excited and we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon frolicking through the field. After Sage was all tuckered out, I studied. (Yes, I learned my lesson yesterday.) Here are a couple of other reasons why we are excited for Spring...

1) Bluebonnets. I love bluebonnets (so does Sage).

2) Swimming after a long day at the park to cool off.

3) The beach. Ok, ok...this was taken in the summer. But summer comes after spring, so that counts!

Anyway, the point is, Sage and I are ready for the spring. Spring break is in two days and we are anxiously anticipating some time to relax and recharge. Thanks for reading!

Winter paws. See you next year.

Spring paws. Are here.

Summer paws. We can't wait.