Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Adventures...Part 1

Well, Spring Break started in the car, and I really don't like riding in the car. Sage, on the other hand, was a really good sport, as she was smashed in the back seat with all the suitcases, pillows, sleeping bags, and all my MCAT study materials. We were heading towards Marble Falls, TX to ride dirt bikes at this really cool place in the hill country. We were packed to the tee, and Sage's kennel barely made it...

The 4-5 ish hour car ride became immediately worth it once we made it to our destination. The weather was perfect...sunny skies, 65 degrees during the day and 40 degrees at night for three days. We did some camping, dirt bike riding, swimming, Frisbee playing, hiking, and lots of exploring! It was a great start Spring Break. Here are some pictures to prove it...

I was really glad I brought my camera along on this morning walk with Sage. I just love the hill country!

As it turns out, Sage is a really really good Frisbee player! But the bad thing is, she is now addicted. I had to hide the Frisbee so she wouldn't get overheated because she would just go and go until she couldn't go any longer!

The sunsets were beautiful! If you look closely you can see Sage's outline in front of the fire.

So this is Sage sleeping, which is nothing unusual in the middle of the day. What is unusual is that she is sleeping in the fire pit. I looked up from my physics book to see Sage glance over her shoulder at me with a look that said "yes I'm sleeping in the fire pit, so what?" I quickly fished her out of the ashes and laughed as she emerged with a gray coat!

Besides the rain that fell all night long on Monday night, we had a great trip! The best part is...Spring Break isn't over yet! Stay tuned for Spring Break Adventures Part 2.

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